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A complete EV and PHEV charging solution and management of your entire fleet (internal combustion vehicles, etc.)

As a company fleet manager, you have adapted your vehicle fleet to meet ecological requirements. The tax deductions offered are an incentive to buy plug-in hybrid or electric vehicles. These require constant monitoring to prevent costs spiralling out of control. NEOFLEET offers a complete fleet management solution: from planning charging swap according to individual priorities, to controlling expenditure and monitoring ECO-Responsible use by drivers.



Charging schedule

...optimised to meet every need.

Priority management

Planning according to user needs and constraints.


Communication with drivers to ensure smooth operations.


Monitors everyone’s consumption and calculates any excess.


Manages private or business travel expenses.


Reporting of behaviour that is not in line with the CAR POLICY.

Cost control

Overall cost monitoring, including charging at the office, at home, in the public sector and for fuel.

OPEN solution

Compatible with all chargers, fuel pumps and leasing companies.

WHAT NEOFLEET HAS TO OFFER Easy and transparent fleet management

The NEOFLEET solution enables you to charge the vehicles in your fleet as efficiently as possible. The software generates a charging schedule and adapts it according to requests and their priority, as well as solar forecasts if your building has photovoltaic panels.

Once everyone has entered their charging requirements on a tablet at reception or through their smartphone, the NEOFLEET solution takes care of those who have not been able to find an available charging points. It notifies them in good time so that they can move on to a free terminal. When managing the swapping of cars at the same charging point, a “departing” or “arriving” car might not be able to comply with the instructions (meeting, etc.). Reception is then notified so that it can either re-notify the people concerned or reassign the swap to another charging point.

Reception has an AGILE view for managing the EVENTS communicated by employees from their smartphones (accidents, error messages on the dashboard, maintenance requirements, etc.) or to them (parking tickets, tyre change appointments, etc.).

A chat tool can be used for direct communication with drivers. The fleet manager is informed through the dashboard of any technical problems encountered, such as claims, etc. He or she can monitor and manage the progress of the problem, which will be kept in the car/driver history.

Your employees have, or are going to install, a charging point at home for their company vehicle. As NEOFLEET is an “open” solution, it retrieves information from these private charging points of various types and transmits it to the administrator.

The charging costs are reimbursed by the company, which can distinguish between charging provided to an employee and charging provided to a spouse.

NEOFLEET simplifies this reimbursement without requiring further administrative management.

NEOFLEET allows private vehicles to be charged at the office, so that their owners can take advantage of a preferential rate.

The variety of engines brands it difficult to track costs. This is particularly true of plug-in hybrids (PHEVs), which use two fuels from different sources. NEOFLEET provides the manager with a global view of all the components of the energy cost of a car or of a department.

As a fleet manager, you may have opted for leasing. A real follow-up of the different vehicles is important so as to make sure that they are used properly by the employees. Based on the mileage of the car, NEOFLEET will draw your attention to whether the commitments made in the leasing contracts are being honoured.

Your employees must drive in line with your company’s CAR POLICY. NEOFLEET records claims (legal/at fault), fines, (over)consumption of electricity or fuel, and excessive re-fuelling. These data can be used by the HR department to refocus users.

NEOFLEET is a real winning asset if your company has its own electricity generation facility. Your consumption data from the building or chargers are compared with your solar or wind output. You can see how your figures change over a given period (month, quarter, year).

NEOFLEET customers have access to anonymised fuel consumption data for all the other cars managed by the software (for all customers combined). This means that you can compare your fuel consumption with that of other brands, models and engine types. You can then make informed investment decisions based on these real data.

All the documents uploaded and exchanged on NEOFLEET remain available to the company in an integrated document management system with various search tools. You can explain a past event, view and print out all the documents relating to a car and its driver (penalty notices, invoices, accident reports, Car Policy, leasing contract, copy of driving licence, green insurance card, etc.).


Depending on your needs


Plan the charging of your employees' cars


Optimise charging possibilities and swap


Manage the use and overall costs of your fleet

From €5/month per car (EV/PHEV)

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